What We Do

What We Do

Management Software & B.I.

Management Software & B.I.

What we do

The recent evolution of network speeds, technology, smart devices and BYOD have all increased the difficulty for telecoms budget holders to report and understand how people use communications technology at work. This is also impacted by the increasing data burden on mobile and Wi-Fi networks technology and tariffs.

That’s why we’ve developed our specialist management platform, Olive Business Manager (OBM), which we combine with a set of device management tools. This allows our customers to understand and clearly see how actual usage tracks against the contract or tariff, react as necessary, or apply controls as required..

OBM: How we do it

OBM presents headline exception reporting and disseminates billing information through your organisational structure. Cost centre schedules and itemised information in relation to usage is all summarised in detail, which is then cascaded to relevant budget holders or stakeholders.

Budget holders can then view and use that information to manage the behaviour of their direct reports, or choose to use it as a cost approval or reallocation system. The system can also be used to create import journals for finance teams to improve cost allocation.

Device management (MDM): How we do it

Device management is essential to proper management of an estate of mobile smart devices and particularly to complement a BYOD strategy. Olive aggregates several of the leading MDM solutions to provide a comprehensive and powerful managed device management capability.


Why Olive?

Our team has delivered hundreds of projects, both consulting and implementing telecoms expense management software and device management. We understand how people want to work, how different types of workers operate during the day, and what good looks like in terms of user profiles. We then overlay this insight with the data from OBM, which is where cost savings are generated and on-going control, visibility and alerting achieved.