Seychelles Foundation

General Information                                                                 

  • A Seychelles Foundation is a separate legal entity (like a company) but with beneficiaries rather than shareholders (like a trust).

  • Assets transferred to a Seychelles Foundation become the property of the Foundation with full legal and beneficial title and are no longer considered to be the assets of the

  • Similarly, beneficiaries of a Seychelles Foundation are not the “owners” of the Foundation and have no legal rights to its assets nor control over its decisions.

  • Both of these features can be particularly useful in tax planning as well as providing significant asset protection advantages.

  • The Seychelles Foundation is managed by a Foundation Council.

  • A Seychelles Foundation may additionally have a “Protector” similar to a trust which would normally have powers to oversee the activities of the Foundation Council and remove them if they are not fulfilling the objects of the Foundation.

  • The Founder may also retain certain powers and rights to himself or another person such as the right to remove and add beneficiaries or perhaps to direct the investments of the Foundation.

  Seychelles Foundations are completely exempted from payment of income, capital
      gains, stamp duty, withholding or any other form of taxation in Seychelles.

Foundation Assets                                                                     
A Seychelles Foundation shall have a minimum of $1 initial assets
Assets may originate from any lawful source and consist of present or future assets
    of any nature

May be any individual or legal entity (including companies, trusts or even another
     Foundation) and may be a “nominee”
May have two or more Co-Founders
May reserve certain rights to himself or another person in the Charter
     or Regulations such as the right to direct investments, appoint/remove
     beneficiaries, dissolve the Foundation, etc.
May be a beneficiary, but not the sole beneficiary

Foundation Council                                                                       
The Councilors manage the business and affairs of the Foundation
A minimum of one Councilor is required
May be natural persons or legal entities
Founder may be a Councilor but not the sole Councilor
May be identified in the Charter or Regulations (not publicly filed)

If so provided in the Charter or Regulations the Foundation may appoint a Protector
A Founder, Councilor or beneficiary may be appointed as the Protector
     except that a sole Councilor or sole beneficiary shall not act as a Protector

Purpose and Objects                                                                 
A Foundation's main purposes or objects shall include the management of
     its assets and the distribution of its assets and income to the
     Foundation’s beneficiaries in accord with its charter or regulations.
A purpose or object of a Foundation may be, but need not be, charitable.
Foundation Charter                                                               
May be (a) in the English or French language; or (b) in a language other
     than in English or French, in which case it shall be accompanied by a
     translation in English or French
Publicly filed constitutional document of the company which contains
     details such as the name of the Founder, objects and purpose.

Foundation Regulations                                                         
A Foundation may adopt a document called its “Regulations” providing,
     for example, for the identification and designation of Councilors and
     beneficiaries, distribution of Foundation assets, beneficiary entitlement
      proportions, etc.
Unlike the charter, the regulations are a private document
     (not filed at the Registry).

Registered Agent                                                                   
A Seychelles Foundation must at all times have a registered agent
     in Seychelles licensed as an International Foundation Services provider
     under the International Corporate Services Providers Act 2003 ( as amended).

Time to Establish                                                                   
1-3 days depending on the complexity