Limited Partnership

A Limited Partnership is a form of partnership which has one or more general partners and one or more limited partners.

General Partners                                                                       
The general partners are essentially in the same legal position as partners
     in a conventional firm. They have management control, share the right
     to use partnership property, share the profits of the firm in predefined
     proportions, and have joint and several liabilities for the debts of the partnership.
The general partners have actual authority as agents of the firm to bind all
     the other partners in contracts with third parties that are in the ordinary course
     of the partnership's business.
General partners therefore carry more liability, and in cases of financial loss,
     the general partners will usually be liable.

Limited Partners                                                          
Like shareholders in a company, limited partners have limited liability, meaning
     they are only liable on debts incurred by the firm to the extent of their
     registered investment and provided that they have no management involvement.
The general partners pay the limited partners a return on their investment
     (similar to a dividend), the nature and extent of which is usually defined
      in the partnership agreement.
  Typically, at least one General Partner ought to be an International
       Business Company.

Main uses of the Limited Partnerships are                 
International tax planning, asset protection, vehicle for private equity
     and venture structures and vehicle for Mutual Funds worldwide.
a vehicle highly suitable for international joint venture activities.
Suitable for investors who want to participate in partnership with a
     fixed monetary amount and enjoy fully the benefit of limited liability, in the
     same time not needing to have a role in management of the partnerships
The main advantage of a Limited Partnership is that it is tax exempt from
     taxes in the country of legislation.

Time to Establish                                                      
4 days depending on the complexity

We specialise in setting up Limited Partnerships in the following jurisdictions  
Cayman Islands