International Financial Centres

International ("Offshore") Financial Centers continue to attract international investors and businesses interested in setting up an offshore company, forming an offshore trust, forming an offshore foundadtion, registering a limited partnership, establishing an offshore bank account, setting up an offshore insurance company, forming a hedge fund, registering a yacht or ship and/or any of the other numerous services provided from these offshore jurisdictions.

The offshore industry is dynamic due to new treaty agreements, changes in laws and regulations and many other factors that can affect the international investor or businessman.

We understand and keep up with these changing dynamics making us ideally suited to assist in putting your offshore strategy into motion.

Why use structures in Offshore Jurisdictions?

Ease of setting up structures and doing business

Free remittance of profits and capital

Access to tax treaties

Low transaction costs e.g. zero capital or stamp duty on share transfers

Banking privacy

Enhanced privacy

Customs and duty exemptions

Fewer restrictions

Higher yields and returns