Corporate Secretarial Services

A When it comes to your company’s (entity’s) corporate compliance let our reliable experts manage your statutory requirements giving you total peace of mind.

We have a full-fledged Corporate Secretarial Department which provides the following services:

Maintaining the records of the entity which include the registers,
     minutes books, resolutions and other documents.
Guiding clients through the requirements of Incorporation/registration of an
     entity by facilitating the preparation of the necessary paper work and
     obtaining the Incorporation documents.
Preparing minutes and resolutions of meetings.
Sending out of the agenda notices of any meetings and noting the
     attendance at such meetings and to ensure that there is sufficient quorum.
Advising and guide clients through the preparation of documents for matters
     related to the change of directors, change of registered office, name etc.
Assisting in registration of business names and trademarks.
Advising and assist in a winding up of the entity.
Attending to all other company secretarial matters as the entity may
     from time request us to handle.